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Google Ads enhanced conversions and first-party data
Learn how to set up Enhanced Conversions, move to a smart bidding strategy and set targets ROAS and target bids.

Andrew Wirtz |


4 reasons you should try Facebook Dynamic Ads
Facebook’s AI-powered Dynamic Ads are a smart, cost-effective option to increase user engagement and ad performance. Here’s why.

Ann Robison |


4 simple ways to put an end to unprotected paid search
The imperative of brand protection in search marketing.

Adthena |


Google CEO on SGE and Search evolution: ‘We’ll get it right’
Sundar Pichai compares the shift to SGE to the shift from desktop to mobile – and believes it won’t blow up Google’s current business model.

Danny Goodwina

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Google Performance Max: Everything you need to know
Learn what sets Performance Max apart from other Google Ads campaigns, and how it can drive conversions and maximize ROI.

Menachem Ani


How AI is changing the game for PPC account managers
Spoiler: Less manual work and more strategic thinking. Here’s how AI is impacting the daily activities of PPC account managers.

Joseph Kerschbaum


Suspended Google Ads advertisers may be required to pass advertiser verification
This policy kicks in on October 10, 2023 and will impact some advertisers.

Barry Schwartz |


Google search antitrust trial ready to begin: What’s at stake
The case alleges Google used its dominant market share to illegally throttle competition in both search and search advertising.

Constantine von Hoffman |